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Yom Kippur 2018

Section Start Time
Mincha 3:00 PM
Candle Lighting 7:04 PM
Fast Begins 7:15 PM
Kol Nidrei 7:00 PM
Maariv 7:45 PM
Led by Mark Halpern
Section Start Time
Kol Nidrei (in Traditional Room) 7:00 PM
Beginning of Alternative Service 7:30 PM
Section Start Time
Beginning of Service 8:15 AM
Torah Reading 10:20 AM
Yizkor 10:50 AM
Mussaf 11:10 AM
Class (optional, in Alternative room) 12:00 PM
Led by Rabbi Elisha
Section Start Time
Beginning of Service 10:00 AM
Class (led by Rabbi David Skydell) 12:00 PM
Section Start Time
Mincha 5:15 PM
Rabbi's Talk 6:30 PM
Neila 6:55 PM
Fast Ends 8:11 PM
Maariv 8:15 PM


Please note that all services for Yom Kippur will be taking place at ACE Daycare.

Breaking of the fast sponsored by Tati and Brad Cohen, in memory of אברהם בן חיים הכהן ע"נ, who passed away 5 years ago on Erev Yom Kippur, making a permanent mark. Dad, every you Kippur, it's like HEARTBREAK HOTEL.  It seems like only YESTERDAY that you passed away, but maybe that's just SENTIMENTAL ME.  THAT'S ALRIGHT ..  YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND.  whenever I am THINKING ABOUT YOU, I am ALL SHOOK UP.  you taught me to do things MY WAY, the real WONDER OF YOU.

Please light a Yartzheit candle before Yom Kippur, and make the blessing of the flame on that light during 'Havdalla' after the fast. If you do not have a Yartzheit candle, one should strike a match and light a new wick after Yom Kippur is over and do Havdalla on that new flame. If anyone wants to drive to Shul after one has lit, then one should make a condiiton before lighting not to accept Yom Kippur upon themsleves with the lighting and not say a Shecheyanu blessing as well. If one is NOT going to Shul Yom Kippur night or going but not driving, then one should say a Shehecheyanu blessing when lighting at home accept Yom Kippur at that time. Please note that when accepting the holiday when lighting candles, one also accepts all the stringencies of the holiday as well and thus one should remove leather shoes prior to lighting and be aware that the other restrictions have begun as well.

For more info and ideas about Yom Kippur, including videos and articles, please click here.

Wed, June 19 2019 16 Sivan 5779