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About Us

The Thornhill Woods Shul is more than a synagogue – although we have prayer services 7 days a week, plus a growing and active membership.  It's more than a Jewish social-service agency – albeit we have programs and resources to help Jewish families deal with many of life's challenges.  It's more than your local "Y" - notwithstanding you'll likely meet some very nice Jewish people here, singles seniors and families alike.

So what exactly do the sum parts of the Thornhill Woods Shul add up to? They add up to an organization committed to developing an interpersonal, dynamic and meaningful Jewish community in Canada's fastest growing Jewish neighbourhood. A wide range of events, programs, learning and socializing, plus, a warm and un-intimidating shul and rabbis, a beginners and interactive High-Holiday service. in addition to classes in Judaism delivered in a contemporary and relatable way, have helped make this community so successful and so special.

The Thornhill Woods Shul currently runs Shabbat Programs and Services at Stephen Lewis Secondary School, in Thornhill Woods. With plans to build a permanent synagogue and Child and Adult Learning Centre in the middle of Thornhill Woods, our membership and community is steadily growing.

Enjoy our virtual community website, and please, by all means let us know how we can improve serving you better, whether here on our site, or on location in our emerging Thornhill Woods community.


Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyyar 5784