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Chanukah - 8 Nights of Inspiration

Night 1:
Our Timeless Torah
with Rebbetzin Fraidy Mandel

Night 2:
Spreading the Light
with Rabbi Elisha Mandel 

Night 3:
Our 3 Holy Books
with Mark Halpern

Night 4:
Surrounding Ourselves with Mitzvot
with Ayelet Mandel


Night 5:
Connecting to Light in a World of Darkness
with Rhonda Halpern

Night 6:
Is G-d Still
With Us
with David Levine

Night 7:
with Rabbi Daniel Wolnerman

Night 8:
with Rabbi Elisha Mandel




Support the Thornhill Woods Eruv! 

The Thornhill Woods Eruv as maintained by the Thornhill North Eruv Committee is used by members of all shuls in Thornhill Woods. Please support this very important project. Click here for more information.

Sun, February 25 2018 10 Adar 5778